Monday, September 29, 2008

95: A Beautiful Number

Yesterday we had the great honor of helping Grandaddy celebrate his 95th birthday. He is one of the kindest men I've known. He has such a strong yet gentle soul. He and Nannie have the best example of a happy and everlasting marriage that I've ever been able to witness. They celebrated 68 years two weeks ago; they have loved one another and enjoyed one another every day of their marriage. H is a better person for having them play such important roles in her life. Both of us are thankful to have their love and example to rely on.

The party was lots of fun with cake and ice cream enjoyed by all. We were in a big room at the nursing home, so the babies could run around and raise a ruckus. They had a good time making lots of noise and burning off the sugar they consumed. It was a special party.

Lucia's name comes from Grandaddy. It is a feminized version of his name, Lucius. Both names are derivations of Luke which means Light. Grandaddy's life always shines brightly and we are so thankful for him.

Lucia with her Great-Grandaddy:
Mazie Bell and Papa Glenn:

Lucia and Grandaddy:
Aunt Patti and Mazie Bell
Lucia and Elliott playing with the balloon:
Nannie and Elliott playing with the balloon:
Lucia in full party mode:

Elliott enjoying his sqeaker shoes:
Mazie Bell celebrating the occasion:

Nana with Lu and Elliott:Nannie playing patty-cake with Lucia:
Four generations: Nannie, Nana, Mama Bee, and LEM:
H and me with her parents, grandparents, and babies:

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kelly said...

I love this picture! Everyone looks so happy. I am so glad that the yall have so much love and support around yall.It is truely what makes all this such a blessing.