Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time for Love

Here are some photos I snapped this morning of Elliott and Lucia exchanging affections. Our children are all three equally close. Sometimes they all three play together, but often two will break away for a while and play. Usually the babies interact more by playing and laughing; this is an especially tender exchange between the two.


Loving Landon said...

I love that second one! how sweet!

Todd and Randi said...

This looks very similar to what we're seeing at our house. I just love this special time!

grancy said...

dear, dear ones,

these are the most special and sweetest pictures!!! they evoke such tender feelings and bring tears to my eyes to see their being so loving, kind, and tender with each other.

this just shows, once again, what a wonderful atmosphere y'all are raising the triplets in.

i have been telling people that, even though e is all boy - rough and tumble, going through people and things, instead of around them - that he is very sweet natured. these pix just show that so much better than words can describe.

of course, the girls are kind, sweet, and loving, too. but that is more expected with girls.

y'all are doing such an amazing job raising 3 wonderful children. i am SO proud of all 5 of you.

all my love to each and every one of you, grancy

Rap Report said...

it got me all teary eyed. so sweet! love from your tia.

kelly said...

they are soooooo pretty yall did great i hope they have brought you as much joy as i have just looking at their pictures love yall lots and cant wait to meet the bunch in person

Sandy said...

I adore these pictures. I have followed your blog every week and often want to write a comment, but my computer has so many blockers on it that I have trouble. Anyway i had to try again with these beautiful , sweet pictures. I had to show them to my friend, Teri, because i just had to share them with someone.Love to you all. Sandy