Friday, September 12, 2008


The babies' first dessert was a hit. They loved eating their yellow cake with cream cheese frosting birthday cupcakes (yes, it's true: they never ate the previous eleven months' cupcakes). They were very deliberate and intentional in their eating and really enjoyed their time. It took them a good fifteen minutes to finish their cupcakes.

For the party, my sister and I made three different kinds of cupcakes to serve to the guests. We assigned a different flavor to each of the babies and decorated those cupcakes using colored sugar and a stencil.

Lucia's cupcakes were lemon with lemon curd filling and cream cheese frosting.
Elliott's cupcakes were yellow with chocolate frosting.
Mazie's cupcakes were chocolate with cream cheese frosting.

The Three




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Loving Landon said...

Those were the photos I was waiting for - looks like ya'll had a lot of fun.....the cupcakes looked SOOOOOOO yummy!