Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sweet Feet

We finally took the babies to get shoes this weekend. They have been sockfooted or barefoot for a year now. H said it was time for us to get them some shoes. We took them to a children's shoe store so they could be fitted properly and were glad we did. Elliott has very wide feet and Mazie has very tiny feet. The lady who waited on us taught us a few things about new shoes. We bought them each a dressy pair of shoes and a casual pair. Plus, H had a fit over the hot pink merrells, so we justified an additional pair of shoes with the fact that we got a multiples discount.

The lady who helped us said the babies did very well in their new shoes. They were walking all around the store. She said some babies will just sit down and cry when they are fitted with their first pair of shoes.

They have now worn their new shoes to church and for a walk in the stroller. We are now working on incorporating socks and shoes into our daily routine.

Lucia in her hot pink Merrells, waiting patiently for her Mama Bee to check out.
"Hey, look at my new shoes."
"Okay, let's get this show on the road."
Lucia in the church nursery with her new dress shoes.
Elliott playing in the nursery with his dress shoes. They squeak when he walks.
Mazie playing with a balloon in the nursery, wearing her new dress shoes.
Lucia in her casual navy mary janes.
Elliott, learning how to unvelcro his shoes on day one.
Mazie, walking in her new mary janes.

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