Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mazie: Twelve Months

Mazie, you are an absolute sweetheart. You are our best sharer. I have seen you pick up a toy Lucia dropped and hand it back to her. You will pick up a toy and give it to Lucia or Elliott to play with. If one of them steals your toy, you usually will just get a different toy. When you are walking around with a toy, you will often stop to let us see it and hold it for a second.
You hate to get hurt. You often cry very hard over a little spill that Lucia or Elliott might not cry over at all. But, you are by far our most adventurous child. You do not seem to be afraid of much. It is hard to get you to not stand in your little rocking chair. Once you fell out of the chair, cried, and got right back into it. You also love cubbies. You love to play under tables and chairs. You will be the child that has us get out the sheet and drape it over the card table so you can play with your toys under it.
You were our first walker. You took your first steps at ten and a half months and were officially "a walker" by eleven months. You walk with such purpose; you don't meander, you are always headed somewhere specific. You like to clap or smack two objects together when you walk.
Mazie, you have such fun hair. We love the way it sticks up on top of your head. It is light and fine. Your feet are long and skinny and you have pretty hands. You have beautiful green eyes framed by beautiful lashes.
You are the pickiest of our eaters and you eat the least amount. Your absolute favorite food group is dairy. We can always count on you to eat yogurt, cottage cheese, and cheese. You like to use two fingers and your thumb to pick up your morsels.
Your giggle is so much fun. You love to be held and tickled and kissed. You like to be held the most and you like to return affection. You will often pat us on our face or chest.
Happy first birthday, Mazie Bell. We love you.

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