Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lucia: Twelve Months

One of my favorite things about you right now is the way you go to sleep. You spend five, ten, even twenty minutes talking and playing with your stuffed animals. You are always very happy and smiling. Once you get tired, you lay your head down on Pink Pearl and go to sleep. Today you looked so sweet resting on Pink Pearl that I went in to look at you; your eyes were open and you just smiled and continued laying there when you saw me. You go to sleep happy and wake up happy.
Lucia, you are the most social of the children. You always have a smile for people. You don't mind others holding you and even enjoy seeing fresh faces. You will dance as soon as any music comes on. You even love to stand at the walker and make it play music so you can bend your knees and bounce up and down to the music.
You can spot any small object on the floor. You love to put stuff in your mouth, just carrying it around in your mouth. Your favorites are grass and straw and little twigs. I have even pulled a few bugs out of her mouth. Yum.
Lucia, you have pretty blue eyes and a sweet little dimple on your left cheek. Your hands are so soft and you have the most beautiful, perfect little feet. You have enough hair to hold a barrette now.
You are a meticulous eater. You use your thumb and pointer to pick up each morsel of food from your tray. You will eat just about everything I give you, enjoying all foods.
When we are sitting on the floor, you love to come get in our laps. You like to sit there while we read and you don't mind sharing our lap with your siblings. You truly are happy when they are happy. You love getting affection. Your favorite kisses are butterfly kisses.
Happy first birthday, Elizabeth Lu. We love you.

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