Saturday, September 13, 2008

Party Pictures

Here is an assortment of photos from the big party day. We had a fish fry out in our yard and had a wonderful host of people who love our babies help us celebrate the day.

We hope you enjoy the hodgepodge of images.

Lucia, freshly dressed.
Elliott, ready to party.
Mazie, getting the party started.
The grandpas with Great Nannie.
K and Lu.
Tina and Elliott.
Lucia, getting her fiber.
Elliott, eating an appetizer.
The Grandpas.
Cousin Avery Mae.
Tiffany and Mazie.
Tia Karen getting a cool beverage.
Clay, Kevin, Karen, and Tiffany, eating on the steps.
Nana with Elliott.
Whit and Kristin.
Everyone eating the good fixings.
Everyone still eating.
Beverages and appetizers.

The dessert table. Grandpa and Nanalin with the girls.
Opening gifts: Rockstar pajamas.
The gifts.
We had a wonderful evening. The babies did great and enjoyed all the activity. Many thanks to all of you who helped and came to celebrate. We appreciate you.

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