Monday, September 22, 2008

Milk Math

This week we have started transitioning the babies to cow's milk.

We originally decided to begin moving the babies from formula to cow's milk at their full-term due date (October 18). They are doing a great job reaching milestones, but we thought there no need to rush the digestive tracks. The only issues we've had this first year were related to digestion (milk protein allergies), so we though we would just take things nice and slow.
The babies haven't had any real digestive issues since we moved Mazie off Nutramingen at about seven months. We coupled this fact with the expense of the formula and decided to go ahead and start transitioning them. If we buy formula in our one-grocery-store hometown, it costs $18 a day. We, obviously, try not to have to do this and for the most part have been able to stock up when we go to the big city. Still though, it is a good $15 a day. Based on how much milk cousin Avery drinks a day, my sister and I figured that LEM will go through about a half a gallon of milk a day. With Horizon milk a little under $4 for a half gallon, this is a trendous monthly savings.

The other issue for us is storage. We want them to be on Horizon milk and we the closest store that sells it is Wal-Mart, thirty minutes in either direction from us. So, we have about six half gallons in the deep freezer right now.

The babies appear to be enjoying the milk. They are getting it in two of their five bottles a day right now.

Also, if anyone has any ideas where I could order Whole Organic Powdered Milk, please let me know. I am having trouble finding powdered organic milk that is Whole.

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GrandPa said...

You have enough pasture for a couple of Holsteins,,,,,, sorry....just kidding:))))
Love you all,
NanaLin & G'Pa