Thursday, September 18, 2008


We have had a couple of black eyes and lots of bruises. Last week we had our first busted lip and split tongue. All we saw was Mazie fall back and hit her head on the floor and the blood start to pour as Mazie cried her little heart out.

What we think happened is that Mazie, standing at the window, knocked her chin into the sill busting her lip. This, being upsetting to her, made her fall back onto her head and since she was already crying from the lip, her togue was sticking out and she bit it pretty far back and quite deep. She wouldn't take a bottle or nurse for over twelve hours, so we felt like it was our first real injury. By midmorning the next day, she was feeling back to herself.

As you can see from the picture below, girlfriend is now cooling it on her school bus going around and around. Peace out, y'all.
By the way, this two finger salute is Mazie's customary salutation these days. If you call her name she will often turn to you and give you the peace sign. She also touches anything and everything with these two fingers. If you give her a cracker to eat, she'll pick it up with her two fingers.

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