Tuesday, September 9, 2008

LEM: Twelve Months

Well, we have completed our twelve months of birthday cupcake photos. I am so thankful that we made this commitment when they were born, because we love looking at their changes over the past twelve months. The comparison of the photos from the first month to this month are really astounding--at least to their mamas. When we first started taking the photos, I thought getting a good shot during the early months was rough: propping them up only to have them topple over, them not being able to focus or respond to voices. Then, they started getting mobile. The last several months were definitely the most challenging to shoot. I think that comes through in the photos. I am clearly just grabbing at a decent photo. Nonetheless, I feel this documentation will be one of our most treasured.

Here are the first and twelfth month photos of the babies.

Elizabeth Lucia:

Elliott Kimbrough:
Mazie Bell:

We hope you enjoyed the last installation in the series that has been "The First Twelve Months of our Babies." (There will not be 13 month photos!) Have a wonderful day.

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