Friday, September 19, 2008

Birthday Gifts

As stated earlier, the best gifts at a party are the people who attend, but the second best gifts are gifts. The day after the party my mom said something like, "Last time I was here I noticed y'all needed more age appropriate toys." Well, I guess the birthday came just in time, because the babies got musical instruments, riding toys, a water table, new books, dolls--lots of things they didn't have. I have divided the toys into several different baskets. Each day or two I bring out a different basket and put the other basket up. If there is too much out, they tend to get overwhelmed. So, it is nice now that we can pull out something new every few days for them to play with and learn from. We also received some much appreciated money for their college funds.

Here are some of the great gifts we got at the birthday party.

The babies got two push toys, a school bus and a lion. They like to push each other around. They are not very good at steering or turning around yet. They do a good job getting on and off though.

The piano is a big hit. They love to walk over to it and bang on the keys. Sometimes I will play very basic little ditties on it and they enjoy that too.
Here is Elliott with their new drum. This gift made several people at the party gleeful at the thought of H and I listening to a drum all day. So far they like to eat the drumsticks and listen to me play the drum. I am sure they will develop a talent for it in no time though.
Here are the babies with their new top. They love to watch it spin around. They also like to try to make it spin themselves. They are also sporting their new "rock star" pajamas.
Lucia learning to spin the top. Elliott reading his pillow book.
Here is Mazie loving her little Cabbage Patch doll.

They also got some electronic toys and books that they enjoy playing with. They especially love the VTech books that light up and sing to them.

We got a fun water table that they will really enjoy. They can pour water to move the wheel and float the little sail boats around--not to mention splash, splash, splash.
My sister and her family gave the babies a tunnel tent with magic balls. They love it. They love to get into the hut and play with the balls. They also love to chase the balls around the room.

These books are some of their new favorites and my new favorites. Sheep in a Jeep is so cute. We also got Open the Barn Door that the babies love because they can open the flap to see what animal is underneath. Peek-a-Who is also a cute little book.
Here is Mazie studying up on her first 100 words. I am giving her a pop quiz Monday. Here is Lucia reading Wild Animals. We got several touch and feel books about animals that the babies love to sit and read and feel.
We hope you have a wonderful day and that someone bestows a gift on you today.

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