Monday, December 15, 2008

On the Menu

Last night we did something new with the babies. We fear some of you out there may gasp in disbelief. H asked this morning, "Are you really going to post about that?" She is embarrassed that the babes are fifteen and a half months old and we haven't had this experience as a family. I don't feel embarrassed as much as just matter of fact about it. This is our life and we are doing just about the best that we can do.
What did we do that is so monumental? We took the children to a sit-down/order-at-the-table/off-the-menu restaurant. We've been to oder-at-the-counter establishments (usually Panera), but never to a place so fine as Ruby Tuesday. The three really did well. Of course by the time we left there was enough food on the floor to feed a child for a year, but a lot of food made it into their mouths. So much so, that H and I commented that we don't think Lucia or Elliott has ever eaten as much as they did last night. They dropped water bottles and they scattered food, but overall they were well-behaved and enjoyed the experience.

The babes split an adult chicken finger plate that came with mashed potatoes and broccoli and a salad bar trip. The salad bar trip was a gold mine--all the things they eat well: peas, garbanzo beans, black beans, cheese, edamame. They loved the chicken and broccoli, but did not get into the potatoes at all. Elliott ate a few very small bites of it, but the girls wouldn't touch them. I would think this just an odd occurance, but I've fed them Irish potatoes at home and they really just don't like them. Many more chunks of potato end up on the floor than in their bellies.
So, this post testifies to one of the most difficult questions we try to balance as parents of multiples: do our children get out enough? We really got in the habit of keeping them in when they were so young and so tiny. That was just how we did things for many months. But now they are fifteen months and going to the mall and a restaurant for the first time. Does this matter? Is it bad? Is it good? I know this is a matter with which we will continue to grapple.


WEW said...

perhaps your questions are rhetorical, but i would like to say that i absolutely do not (repeat DO NOT) think it is a bad thing that the sweethearts have not been "out" all that much. I mean, what's so great about Ruby Tuesday, anyway. Sure, they have a kick @$$ salad bar...but $1.89 for a glass of tea? And i for one think the babie get out lots! They go to about a million parades. And they have been to the beach more times in 15 months than most folks their whole lives. And have you even been in a mall lately? Don't get me started...don't even get me started (that is my impression of molly shannon doing her 80's era comedienne...nevermind).
my point is this...your little people are very well socialized, and i think places like the mall should be avoided at all costs. and movie theaters. am i ranting? ok, calming down and re-assessing my view of humanity.

Todd and Randi said...

Like you said you're doing the best you can. I absolutely loved when the boys could sit in a high chair. It gave me such a sense of freedom. We don't visit the mall too often, heck I don't even visit the mall without them, but I do love getting out to a restaurant now and then. You have a couple things working against you, namely that there aren't any restaurants where you live, and secondly you have three babies. I think you're doing a great job! And I'm so impressed that your kids are eating peas, garbanzo beans, etc. My kids only eat fruit and crackers.

JMom said...

Good for you! It will get easier--but the stares from other people will continue for a while (as will the mess at the base of the table;-)
As you know, Winter is probably not the best time to start the outings as much. RSV is nasty!
Everybody looks great! So glad ya'll are doing well.

AMY said...

I'm proud of you all! You deserve a trip out to a restaurant with the family! Isn't that what all American families do every now and then? Maybe I am missing the point, but I think you and Holly are amazing parents with awesome children and that is all that matters!!!