Thursday, December 4, 2008

Current Happenings

Lucia's current favorite thing is to point to things or bring you things and say "See?! See?!" Sometimes she says "see," but more often than not it is "Tee?! Tee?!" Her excitement for the object is infectious, no matter if it is a dirty spoon, a shoe, or a teddy bear.

Lucia's Nana has also taught her to throw her head back when she laughs. Lucia also has this sinister little cackle that she loves to do. It makes her sound like she is up to something, though she does her cackle mostly when she is just sitting there or standing at the window.

Elliott's favorite hobby of late is tormenting his sisters. He loves to steal their toys, as I've mentioned before. But, he also has a new torture technique that they Hate. Both Mazie and Lucia go overboard with craziness when he does it to them. What does he do? He sitcks his arm straight out and lunges at them with his hand. Once he gets to their face, he sticks his thumb in their mouth and grabs their cheek with his fingers. If you could block out the screaming of the sisters, it would be quite funny, but, since there is absolutely no way to block out the screaming, it isn't so funny...except Elliott.

Mazie's favorite thing to do lately is to pick up her lovey or stuffed animal when we go to get her out of the crib. She will be standing up waiting for one of us to come get her. Once we come to pick her up, she will turn and decide who to bring with her.

Mazie also likes to whisper a lot. She is constantly doing some sort of "whissah whissah whissah" or something that sounds like "busy busy bee".

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Todd and Randi said...

You're brave with those naked babies on your sofa. We've got one that can't be naked for more than two minutes before he's tee-tee'd on the carpet.