Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Open House

In celebration of having all six of the grandkids in the house together, Dad and Linda had an Open House the night after Christmas. They had a good fifty friends come through for drinks, hors d'oeuvre, and company. The older grandkids really helped out watching the younger grandkids, giving parents a chance to visit.

Chris's wife Dana kindly tended to Lucia for part of the time, letting her fish for ice cubes in her glass.
Walter and Cynthia, good friends of Dad and Linda's from Indianapolis:
Wayne and LaDonna. Parents of a childhood friend of mine and pastor of the church I attended when we lived in Kentucky and that Dad and Linda attend now (though he just retired last year). He also married Dad and Linda.
The best shot of the six grandchildren. (Notice my glass of red wine that Elliott spilled down the front of this outfit.)
Lucia, annoying Avery with that pesky pointer finger she loves so much:
Thanks Dad and Linda for treating us to a wonderful holiday full of good food and great company. We had a memorable time and appreciate everything so much. We love y'all.

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GrandPa said...

Bring all the kids back ANYTIME!!!
We loved the anticipation and the was THE BEST....
Love to all, NanaLin & G'Pa