Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crazy-Hair Mazie

In case you happened to be wondering, our precious little being still has some crazy hair going on. This is her current bed-head look that she models most mornings.
We are in no hurry for her hair to "act right," though she does have enough hair to sport a barrette now.


mom/grancy said...

dearest ones,

i LOVE the new pix of mazie. she looks like a long feathered bird now. And she can sport a barrette - finally. bless her heart.

don't know if you remember, but mom has said that my hair stood straight up until it got long and heavy enough to fall over into my face. looks like mazie may take that long, too.

love and kisses to all of you, grancy

p.s. hope everyone is feeling much better.

Todd and Randi said...

Wyatt looks very similar these days. When we left for preschool this morning it was lying down, by the time we got there it was standing straight up. The cold dry air does it everytime.

AMY said...

I love her hair...hope it stays like that when she is in Kentucky! Can't wait to see all of you !!! Love to all.