Friday, December 5, 2008

Do it for Sophia

Today is Do It For Sophia Day, in honor of a little girl who is in a very big struggle with cancer. Show your honor and support for Sophia and her family by doing something out of the ordinary for someone today. You can leave a comment at their CarePage about what you chose to do.

Sophia's mom, Shirley, has kept a CarePage about their journey since Sophia became ill the end of May 2007. I think you would feel challenged and inspired to read about the way they have handled this circumstance. Even in the midst of tremendous suffering, Sophia's family still finds joy and gratefulness in this life they are living together.

Below is the link to today's CarePage post about Do It For Sophia Day. In our sidebar is a link to their CarePage.

Shirley's Post

The girls and I are wearing pink today and have a couple of ideas of what we are going to do to honor Sophia. Our day will be a little bit brighter, knowing that we will be thinking of others and paying it forward. We hope your day is bright as well.

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