Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Parade

Today we attended our town's Christmas parade. This was our third parade this year and the Christmas parade was our favorite by far. For one, H's employees were in it handing out pizzas and goodies. Secondly, the floats were really great. The babies have not been feeling well, so we dressed them in lots of layers to combat the chilly morning.

H's employees riding on the Rudolph go-buggy and spreading good cheer.

This was our favorite float of the day.
Friends spreading good cheer:

Since the babies have been under the weather, we did not take them to the fundraiser that was held after the parade: 18 tons of snow were brought into our little deep south town. We were bummed they could not go make a snowball, but since we will be in Kentucky for Christmas, maybe they will have another chance.
We hope you are having a festive weekend.

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