Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Tree with Three

I am the more conservative mama; H often has to break me out of my routine or comfort zone. I wanted to put the Christmas tree on the front porch on the other side of our picture window. We could put lights on it and enjoy seeing it with a protective barrier between the babes and it.
H wanted the babes to be able to enjoy the tree--touch it, smell it, really get into it. And, as is the case most of the time, she is right. They love the tree. They love to touch it, taste it, smell it. Though they did think it quite curious when we brought a tree into the house. Mazie's eyebrows revealed her suspicions.
The funniest thing to watch is Elliott; he will close his eyes tightly (envision his face all squished up and his hands in the air) and back into the tree until the greenery gets him, then he will laugh and escape its reach.
Here is Lu, our priss pot, not sure of this prickly thing in her play area.
Last year we put a tree up Thanksgiving weekend. We were able to get the lights on it and about five ornaments by the time the big day came around. This year our plan was to put lights on the tree and some nonbreakable ornaments. Our tree has been up since the day after Thanksgiving and thus far all we've been able to do is keep the poor thing watered.

This photo is of Elliott and Mazie enjoying last year's tree. Elliott, attacked by the tree.

Here is Mazie, our inquisitive creature, checking out the tree and deeming it acceptable.
Hopefully your tree is better adorned than ours. Enjoy the lights and ornaments.


Loving Landon said...

Last year is the year we just put up lights, and found pine cones in the neighborhood, got red ribbon, tied bows and hung those from the tree. Landon enjoyed collecting the's a fun craft idea!

We did put up ornaments this year - non-breakables on the bottom.

mom/grancy said...

dear all,
can't believe how long - and pretty - lucia's hair is getting. it makes her look a lot older.
the pix of elliott backing into the tree is so cute and funny. can you please try to get a video of his doing that? thanks.
mazie does indeed look delighted with the tree. is she teething or did she spill something on her top?
sorry i'm not there to help you decorate your tree. loving landon's ideas sound like fun. if you could get the triplets not to eat what you collect from outside, that is.
all my love to each of you,

AMY said...

I love Holly's idea! Your children learned so much by touching, smelling and seeing a live tree AND it was safe! Kuddos to you and your beautiful Christmas tree!