Wednesday, December 31, 2008

E's Haircut

Elliott had this 1983 ducktail going on in the back of his hair so H and I thought a haircut was in order; we knew we could trust Grandpa to get the job done. Dad goes to a barber and we wanted Elliott's first haircut to be at a barber. Dad said Elliott did great and "never even made a whimper." Mark, Dad's barber, just shaped it up and thinned the back a bit. Elliott now looks as handsome as ever. Thanks Grandpa.

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GrandPa said...

I really was proud and amazed at how well E behaved with one of life's traumas....getting one's first hircut....he took in everything in the shop and and I think enjoyed the experience...
Y'all KNOW G'Pa did!!!!!
Thanks for letting me share the moment with to all, G'Pa