Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hotel Lessons

Each night we were away we stayed in a Hampton Inn. H and I learned a lot in our week of hotel living. We loved the Hampton Inn for several reasons, primarily because they have a full breakfast that includes eggs, yogurt, bananas, blueberry muffins, and good coffee.

Not used to being in such tight quarters, at night H and I would hole up in the bathroom to wait for the children to go to sleep. Sometimes they took a few minutes to go to sleep, some nights they wouldn't go to sleep. Several nights we ended up sleeping with a baby in the bed--never good sleep.
We learned several things staying in a hotel for a week:
First, ask for a sheet so we can carpet picnic on a sheet, thus not grinding all the dropped food into the hotel's carpet. More importantly, the children do not end up eating off the hotel carpet. Second, separate the pack-n-plays as much as possible. The first night, when the pack-n-plays were all wadded up together, we had a nightmare of a time getting them to sleep. Though they had a lot of fun giggling late into the night. Third, we need to streamline the morning routine; three hours to get up and out the door is much too long.

The first picture is of Mazie checking out the luggage cart. In the next two pictures, H is making tents for the babies to play in for hotel entertainment. The last photo is our first morning on our road trip: the babies are watching the cars go by on the interstate. This is not something they see very often in the country.


AMY said...

So that's what it looked like when left us each night!! Can't believe I missed out on all the fun by staying at the NanaLin Inn. Love and miss you all!

Todd and Randi said...

I would highly recommend an Embassy Suites. Our kids got the bedroom. The couch bed's not the most comfortable, but it beats hanging in the bathroom 'til the kids go to sleep.

Summer said...

Is that camouflage that the babes are wearing? It may be time to get out of Alabama!