Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ear Aches

Yesterday H's mom and I took the babes to the big city for a little check with our pediatrician. We ran fevers over a week ago and since then the children have been a bit preoccupied with their ears. We haven't ever dealt with ear aches before but I really felt like we needed to be seen. We are about to enter into the thick of the holiday season and also travel eleven hours away for a week.

The diagnosis is that Elliott is fine and the girls each have an infected ear. They start Amoxicillin today.

Above is what I wrote last night to post this morning. But, this morning Elliott has woken up feverish, sleepy, snotty (green, if you'd like to know), and clingy. We called the pediatrician to see if they would just call him in a prescription for Amoxicillin, but of course they won't write prescriptions without seeing evidence of an infection (which I understand). So now, what do we do? Take him back down to be seen? Hope he feels better tomorrow? At least we know the girls are getting better, but our little man does not feel well at all right now.

The photo above is of our handsome guy in his church attire last Sunday.


mom/grancy said...

oh, my goodness!
how adorable - and, yes, handsome!
hope you soon have 3 very healthy little ones!
love, mom/grancy

Loving Landon said...

it's hard...but remember ear infections are not contagious - so just because the girls have one does not mean he has one, he could just have the infection which resulted in an ear infection. If not better tomorrow - go in...

and he looks VERY cute!

AMY said...

How adorable is he?! I hope the lil guy is feeling better soon.