Sunday, December 21, 2008

Warming up for Christmas

Today Nana and Papa brought down their Christmas gifts for the babes. Elliott, Lucia, and Mazie had a good time ripping the paper. They also liked their camp chairs.
In addition to preparing to leave for Kentucky tomorrow, we took the children to the cantata at church this evening. Nana sings in the choir and we wanted the babes to hear the music.
We sat in the back pew and brought toys and Cheerios and water. Aunt Patti helped us hold the babes.
Mazie is the only one who lasted for the entire program. Lucia was very wiggly. Elliott was doing okay, but when H decided to take Lu to the nursery, I figured we might as well take Elliott too because I didn't know how much longer he'd last.
Overall they did fine, I think we are a little bit overly sensitive toward not wanting to disrupt anyone's experience. Several people who sat around us said they never even heard the babies. As their parents I think we must hear every noise they make ten times louder than it actually occurs.

We'll keep practicing so they get more comfortable and so we get more comfortable.

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