Sunday, September 27, 2009

Better Separate

We had a lot of boxes and cardboard from the birthday celebration and from the last few months of diapers, so I decided the three might like to have a bonfire and eat s'mores. In our neck of the woods, burning things is only surpassed in fun by firing guns. LEM certainly got the concept of "hot, hot" as they repeated it over and over. They did not want to go near the fire, though they did like watching it.
Here is Lu eating her snack of grapes while she waits for the fire to burn down so we can make the s'mores.

They took a few bites of the s'mores, but they didn't take to them the way I thought they would. They love graham crackers. They love marshmallows. They love chocolate. One day they will love to learn s'mores too.

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