Thursday, September 10, 2009

Two Year Check-Up

Yesterday we went for our two year visit to the pediatrician. Grandpa and NanaLin went with us because H had a conflict come up at work. Our doctor was pleased with everyone's progress and language skills. She asked if they were speaking in sentences and if they showed imagination. They do. When I told her they knew most of their colors and shapes, she said she doesn't even ask about that until the three year check-up. We talked about potty training and eating dirt and swine flu.

Mazie's weight has fallen a little bit. She's always been in the lowest 5%, but now she is even further from hitting 5%. Our doctor again told me not to worry, that she is doing just fine. She is just going to be small.

My greatest excitement is that we can come off whole milk. I had tried to find powdered whole milk a while back and couldn't. I determined that the fat must go rancid too quickly. Well, now I can jump back on that wagon again. Going to powdered milk will really help us. I believe we all have to choose our battles. We can't do everything under the sun. One thing I am committed to is having our children on organic milk. Yes, we've had to by a few gallons locally over the years (that means laden with hormones and chemicals) but I've really tried to keep us in a good stock of organic milk. Now, with powdered milk, I am looking forward to it taking up less room in the deep freeze and fridge, and hopefully being less expensive. Also, it will last longer, enabling me to stock up for longer stretches.

Here are the three's weights and heights with their percentiles. Percentiles are for full-term children. We are no longer seen as premies.

25 pounds, 25%
33", 50%

28# 6oz, 50%
35 1/2", 75%

21 pounds, <5%
32", 15%

We are so thankful that they are growing and healthy and enjoying life.

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Rachael said...

it's sounds like they are all doing great and growing into wonderful girls and boy. we miss you guys a ton and hope to see you at the holidays. we should definitely try and skype or ichat soon. seth's looks at the pics. of L,E,M on the fridge every couple of days...