Saturday, September 12, 2009


Did you hear the doxology ringing loudly and out of tune in your ears? That is me, thrilled to death to be "caught up" with the blog. I have really hated being away from it and then trying to play catch up. I feel I have lost some memories that I would have loved to have saved. My memory is so bad right now. I love to record little things here that I want to hold on to. Mostly, their little sayings, ways they are pronouncing words. Their language is developing so quickly right now. I am upset with myself that I have not been documenting their language growth.

We have a wonderful pastor at the church we attend. She preached a sermon a few weeks back on the difference between the vulture and the hummingbird. The vulture eats what is dead, what is past. The hummingbird eats what is alive, beautiful, now. H and I have talked several times about those images and what an important notion that is to hold on to.

So, we must not look back. What is done is done. Or, in this case, what is not done is not done. I hope to stay current and also dive deeper as I move forward. I appreciate the 2.7 readers who stuck with us through this sparse and shallow valley.


WEW said...

make that 3.7 readers. i love you guys!

Anita said...

Don't know who the 2.7 are but you can add 2 more - Grandma & Anita. When I turn on my computer your site is the first one I go to.I'm sorry I haven't posted more comments to let you know how very much I cherish the time w/you and yours & sharing it w/Mom.Your blog can certainly be the basis for your book or books about your life.I love you, Holly, Lucia, Elliott, & Mazie.Thank you for your blog. Love, Nita

The Sweetest Bean said...

i am very jealous and feel your pain. i hope to one day soon have our internet working correctly so that i too can be caught up. i am like you and hate all the things i have missed documenting or have forgotten. they change so quickly. i will try to finish as many of the "half-done" posts as possible, but know that there will be some i delete, having lost that magic moment or thought, and hope to do better in the future. this is such a wonderful age! all i can say is that the next 3 months will bring so many wonderful moments and challenges that you will both sigh and rejoice!