Monday, September 21, 2009


As part of the birthday shipment, my mom gave the babes the kitchen that I grew up playing with. She had it made for me for my third birthday. It is the same cheerful blue that it has always been. I am so excited that my children have it to play with. Thanks, Grancy, for making sure it got here.
The kitchen has a refrigerator, oven, sink, and bookcase. Also a lot of the dishes and food were still in them.
Lucia says, "Would anybody like a hot dog?" Mazie says, "I'll take it."

Lu and Maze playing with the Fisher Price farm. It still has all the people and animals: sheep, pig, cow, horse, cart, barn, silo, granny, pa, and kids.

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AMY said...

I love it! That beats the pants off the new kitchen playsets in the stores these days for kids!! And, it brings back great memories for you! Miss and love you all, -a