Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From Bream Fishin' to Waller Hoggin'

Our well-behaved, imaginative children went "fishing" the other day with these little flags. One of the JBoys was fishing off the pier, so Mazie decided she wanted to fish too. The three spent quite a while catching leaves and imaginary fish. They were so excited.
Then, JBoy went to feed his cow and get home for supper, so Mazie thought that meant she shouldn't fish anymore either. In the picture below she is watching him drive away on his 4-wheeler.
"Well, if we aren't going to catch fish, maybe we should waller around in the mud like undomesticated farm animals," Mazie and Elliott seemed to be thinking. Lu had caught her a few leaves and was on to stump jumping.

This isn't just a little pooled up rain water. This is 100%, unadulterated mud. This is the stuff pigs cool off in.

"Hey, why am I standing here all clean and pretty?" Mazie seems to ask herself.

I mean really--who lets their children behave this way? No wonder we never go anywhere.

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