Monday, September 14, 2009

Surge Protection

Yesterday we had quite an intense thunderstorm. Lightening struck. Our satellite is out. Our phone line was knocked out and our phone burned up. Our internet was knocked out. Our surge protector was killed.

When the phone company came today to fix everything, the repairman told me that the surge protector saved my computer. (H's stepfather's computer and printer were killed because he didn't have them hooked into his surge protector.) I felt sick to my stomach thinking of the 4,000 pictures, 200,000 words in stories, and countless other documents that were nearly lost.

I never believed a surge protector would keep out that much power, but I am sure thankful that it did. I have realized, though, that I have too many eggs in this 12"x8" aluminum laptop.


Loving Landon said...

Get an external harddrive. You can set them up to automatically back up the ENTIRE computer - only way I have all of our photos....

karen said...

can you say external harddrive? i am ditto-ing loving landon. seriously didn't we all go buy one a few years ago for you? where is it? find it please, you can't lose your pix or stories. thank goodness you can't lose your blog. right? can't wait to be together so soon!!