Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Organ A Za Shun

I am going to post about my strive to organize. Since the move is mostly behind us, I am trying to make headway toward having a more organized and seamless life. (Don't laugh; I can hear you laughing.) I know that, like everything else in life, it is a journey and not a destination. I will never arrive at a completely organized life. I can, though, take strides toward making things easier for my family and me. I find that my brain power has greatly diminished since these three extra people have come out of my body and into my life. I keep waiting to regain those 30-40 IQ points I feel I've lost. Until that happens, I need to rely on lists and schedules and labels and collections to help me get to the next day in one piece.

One thing I've done in our new house is to have an Extras shelf. This applies to cleaning and household materials. I have an extra of everything we use to clean on this shelf in the laundry room: sponges, garbage bags, Downy, Method dishwashing tablets, Baggies, etc. With three two-year-olds there is no dashing out to pick up Comet and laundry powder. To reduce headaches, I keep an extra of everything on hand. To ease the financial strain, I built my shelf of extras over several months. Now, when I consult my monthly shopping list (more on that later) I walk into the laundry room and see what is missing. If it is not there, I buy to replace.

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The Sweetest Bean said...

i love this! I too am striving to be more organized! it seems like an endless journey to which I am hoping there is an end to. I'll send any good tips I've found to work your way! Miss you all!