Friday, September 25, 2009


They fight over the strangest things. Yesterday Lucia and Mazie were both so upset. They each wanted a square yellow rubber mat. The mat is probably two and a half feet square.

See full size image
Both girls were screaming and crying and pulling on the mat. I found it hard not to laugh because Mazie was repeatedly crying that she wanted the "Lallow" mat and Lucia was repeatedly crying that she wanted the "jiggah" mat. Jiggah is her word for yellow. She says it so earnestly. One of my favorite things to do as of late is it show Lucia something yellow and ask her what color it is. "Jiggah" she always replied, quite pleased with herself. It makes me laugh so I don't correct her. She knows, after all what color it is. It is jiggah.

So, I just took that mat away and put it on top of a chifferobe where it still sits.

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