Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Tooth

Our Mazie Bell has cut her first tooth: bottom right. We have been seeing them just below the surface for a good week now, and she has been drooling like crazy for what seems like forever. Yesterday we began to feel the points. It was March 10th, that I posted about Lu's first tooth. Almost two months ago. Today though, we can feel the points on Mazie's two bottom teeth. She will be ready for steak in no time.

I also thought I would comment here about Mazie and the breast milk. The girl is doing great. I eliminated soy in addition to the dairy from my diet and we put her back on breast milk the first of April. So, for a month now she has done great. They only problem was when my vigilance waned one night, and I ate a few bites of a hamburger bun without reading the label. Soy was one of the ingredients, albeit far down the label. The next day Mazie had one of those episodes she used to have. So, we know she has not yet developed the enzymes to break down the soy. This is just fine though as I am so happy that she is able to breastfeed and digest the breast milk. We will just keep doing what we are doing.

As with the other two, she will barely let us see the tooth. They feel so protective of their new appendages, covering them up with their tongues and lips. I guess they have battled so hard to get them here they don't want them handled very much. The photo is of Mazie playing in a box this morning.

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GrandPa said...

I am happy to see these kids will have some 'old fashioned' cardboard boxes, tree houses, trot lines, goats to ride, chickens to chase.....I remember "the good ole days" growing up on the farm....they are LUCKY!!!!!
Love y'all...G'Pa and NanaLin