Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mazie: Eight Months

Happy Birthday, Mazie Bell:
Mazie is our most adoring child. She will play with our fingers or lips while we are feeding or rocking her. She loves to look up at H and me and touch our hair or face. She is such a sweetheart. She is a sensitive baby. The least bump of the head or knock of her knee will make her cry. I believe her disposition is starting to even out. Usually when she gets upset now we can figure out the reason.

She is nursing great. She really enjoys it, and I am so thankful to have those times with her. I feel so good about her being back on breast milk. I hate that we missed out on those three months. I wish we had known the fix was so easy. But, I am thankful that we are back on track now.

Most of the clothes Mazie wears are still 0-3 months. We do have some 3-6 month clothes she can wear, but generally she stays in the smaller sizes. She is still not looking so much smaller than Lucia and Elliott, but she feels noticeably smaller, as a visitor today pointed out. She does have some fat on her though. It looks like she has rubber bands about an inch above each knee, and when she is full her little belly pokes out.

Although Elliott has been working toward crawling for a longer time than Mazie, she is better at it than him. They can both go anywhere they want, but Mazie is alternating her arms and legs, mimicking the traditional crawl. What she is doing right now is the army low crawl. She is very good at it. She is also sitting up well, though she does fall over sometimes. I have also noticed lately that she is starting to look up, indicating she may start reaching up soon, the beginnings of pulling up.

Happy Birthday, Mazie Bell.

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