Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thank You Uncle Sam

This week our very own Baby Jogger triple stroller arrived in the mail. This isn't a purchase; it is an investment. We will use this for the next four years. It is a beautiful site to behold.

It has sixteen and twenty inch wheels that handle our sandy roads very well.

Sun shades that function in varying degrees of capacity. Lucia--very shaded. Elliott--some shade. Mazie--taking in the sun.

Then, each baby has his or her own sunroof that we can open or close depending on the weather or their mood. See the vent panels to the right of Mazie. We opened them for a cross breeze.

It has hand brakes and a foot brake. It has three large mesh pockets and a basket. It has a wrist strap you wear so that your stroller never gets away from you (yes, it is that easy to push).

The babies enjoyed their first walk in the Baby Jogger today. But not as much as we did.

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Anonymous said...

That is some stroller! Riding in style.

Love you guys,
Wayne, Shirley, Sophia, and Fiona