Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chasing the Crawlers

Well, yesterday I survived a day I have been dreading for some time now. The thought of having three mobile infants has been giving me panic attacks for some time now. I have pictured myself running this way, running that way, then running back to the baby I just put here and is now back over there. Taking the electrical cord, golden graham, dirty flip flop out of their mouths. I picture me at the end of my day with dirt on the knees of my pants, my hair all askew, on the floor and leaned back against the couch, too tired to even make it to bed, while my three little angels sleep hard and contently after their busy day of moving all around.

For months now H and I have had people telling us "Oh, you just don't know what's coming" and "Wow, you all are in for it when they start moving." Even strangers will say things like this to us. While we try to enjoy every day and every stage with our babies, sometimes these comments do heighten our anxiety, because we know that in reality we don't know what's coming, what each stage will bring.

With Lucia skipping the belly crawling stage, the three becoming mobile came a little sooner than we anticipated. But, I have to say, I enjoyed the day yesterday. They haven't yet found that getting me to chase them is fun. They all moved around without intensity but with purpose. It is fun to watch them crawl and then decide where to stop and sit up. It is fun to watch them go up to one another and interact.

This is such a fun time of watching them discover new things about themselves, one another, and their environment. We are going to try to not let our own laziness at not wanting to have to chase babies overshadow our joy. Besides, doesn't chasing babies count as exercise? I know I need more of that.

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karen said...

Yes - chasing babies counts as exercise!! What an exciting and joyful time for ya'll!