Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sitting & Standing

Lucia gave her mamas a little mother's day present Sunday. I was in the kitchen, H in the bedroom. We had both checked on the babies and seen Lucia lying on her stomach playing contentedly. I went back to check on things and found Lu sitting up just as pretty as you please. She was quite proud of herself.

She is the first to sit up. They all stick one leg out, bending the other one just in front. Then they rock back onto the ham of the bent leg. Until now, everyone has just rolled onto their stomach. But, on Sunday, Lucia decided she wanted to sit up.

Then, this morning, Elliott was being such a strong boy pulling up onto his knees. I took a few photos to document the occasion, though he has pulled up to his knees before.

Then, I looked back over to see Mr. Fat Feet standing up. He has now done it about half a dozen times this morning. He has fallen about half those times. I think it is his new favorite thing to do.

I wonder if Mazie is trying to hold the walker in place or make it move so he falls.


Loving Landon said...

It's all over now...cruising/crawling is right around the corner...

GrandPa said...

Here we go...these kids will be on the move very shortly and there is no way the Mama's are going to keep up...GOOD LUCK!!!!
Miss y'all....love you, NanaLin and G'Pa