Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Seventh

We have added another tooth to our collection. Lucia has cut her upper right tooth. We are hoping this means she will be feeling back to herself again. Elliott is right behind her, as we can see his just under the surface.
I did have a stressful thought: what if they all need braces?

We weighed the babies this week for fun. We just held them on our scale and subtracted our weight. We go to the pediatrician the first week of June for their nine month appointments. Here are their weights at eight months and a week:

Lucia: Fifteen and a half pounds
Elliott: Eighteen pounds exactly
Mazie: Just under 14 pounds


Razor Family Farms said...

What beautiful babies!!! I just found your blog and felt instantly happy upon seeing those smiling cherubic faces!

What a lovely blog!


whit said...

look, you may not realize this...but i am addicted. you cant leave me hanging out here for three days without my trip fix. a picture, a video, a tiny little anecdote...i need something!

much love,