Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Week in Review

We had a lot going on this week. Everybody was feeling well and everybody was on the move. Each baby has had a "first" over the past 24 hours. They seem to be growing and changing so fast right now. I feel like the changes we are going through right now are so great that I can see them occurring even though I am with them everyday.

Here is Elliott going up to talk to Mazie. He stopped her swing and pulled up to see what she was up to. He will pull up on the couch to come check us out or even pull up on us.

Here is Mazie getting a leg up from Elliott as she bounces in the bouncer. We are leaving them out to roam around a lot more, but each one of them does still love a little bouncing time everyday.

Mazie loves the animals. Here she is playing with St. Vincent's tail. She is fascinated by the cats. She will always to go to where they are. If you hear Mazie giggle, it is often because she has spotted a dog or cat. She doesn't laugh at the horses or goats, though I have seen Elliott and her amused by the chickens.

On the side of our house where the garden is, the yard become shaded in the late afternoon. One day this week I set our two pack-n-plays up and let the babies play in them while I did some yard work. They played well for a good 45 minutes. Here the girls are playing.
Elliott liked pressing his face against the mesh sides.

It has been a lot warmer this week. Summer is right around the corner. It was so hot this lizard was trying to catch a breeze from the fan in our air conditioner unit. The heat did not deter us from walking everyday. We are still loving our new stroller. Twice this week, I even made sure, as its name suggests, that it is indeed a "jogger." I love to run, but have not done so in well over a year. H asked if the babies enjoyed the jogging. I told her that I jog so slowly that I don't think they could tell a difference.

Here are two different photos of Mazie and Lucia.

In the photo above you can see the girls are playing with a bird house. Clearly Orange Square Shaker bird is Lucia's favorite. She became the first baby to crawl, belly up, for a definitive distance. Today she had to get her Orange Square Shaker bird and he was about five feet from her. She crawled the distance, picked him up, sat up, and played with him. Up until now, Lucia and Mazie have crawled, belly up, only one or two steps at a time. Lucia is very cute when she crawls. She is a "high stepper." She raises her hands much higher than she needs to and then slaps them down on the floor to take her step.

Here is Orange Square Shaker bird. His friends are Red Circle Squeaker bird and Blue Triange Rattle bird and Purple Rectangle Crinkle bird. They are a happy bunch living together in their birdhouse.

The babies are beginning to become too aware of the cameras. Elliott will frequently stop doing whatever I am trying to capture and come try to grab the camera. Another thing Elliott has done for the first time is sit up. He never really did this until last night. He would always just crawl, pull up, kneel. We had not ever seen him go from crawling or lying down to sitting. Last night in his crib he did it for the first time and then did it again several times today.

We are headed for trouble. Elliott, just now pulling up, is already climbing. He loves to stand on the base of the walker, but often gets himself in a position where he is stuck and needs help. We have already had a good number of falls.

Here is Lucia. I stuck her little bloomers on her head to make it look like she had on a bathing cap. Don't ask me why. But the picture turned out adorable.

Here is Mazie playing with a new toy I gave her this week. Last night for the first time, Mazie started clapping. She will clap if we clap, but mostly she babbles and claps. It is like she is singing and clapping. It is so cute.
Thanks for reading about our week. We hope you have a restful Memorial Day.


mom/grancy (grancie) said...

dear ones,

it was so exciting to be with y'all and see how the 3 are growing, learning, and expanding personalities. they are each so adorable and lovable and cute as can be.

do you think the reason that lucia is slapping her hands could be the way i was getting her to move forward by reaching out to touch my hands?

have you plugged in the video camera battery yet??
please do so we can see videos of their crawling and other stuff! trust me, you will be so thankful to have them on video in years to come.

i miss and love each of you very much, mom/grancy

mom/grancy (grancie) said...

yes, that photo of lucia is darling. does it remind you of the one of you with my old wig on? funny, how things repeat, isn't it?

that new toy for mazie looks a lot like what was used decades ago for a toy drum - and whatever else the baby wanted to do with it. bet it is her new favorite toy.

it looks like elliott is going to be your clown from the picture of him in the pack and play, as well as other photos and things he's done.

love, love, love!!!