Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scenes from our week

We had a bit of a rough week, but we were able to enjoy a lot of things about this time together. The photo above is of the three listening to their Nana sing to them: "Two little ducks that I once knew. A fat one, skinny one, there were two...."

During an evening nap this week, Lucia and Mazie spent a while conversing with one another. After ten or fifteen minutes I noticed Lucia was quiet but Mazie was still talking. This is what I found when I went to check on them: Mazie, sitting up in her crib.
She is very proud of herself.

Yesterday, Lucia awoke early from her nap, so I employed her help with the laundry. She helped by playing in the basket so I could fold clothes. Lucia has also taken one or two crawling steps with the prodding of her Grancy.

Elliott still loves to feel textures. Here he is kneeling to scratch the vinyl of their walker. He also loves to scratch the words on the warning label. Clearly, I don't have the same perspective as the babies. I put the walker in between the couch and chair as a barrier to keep the babies in the family room. Not to be deterred, Elliott climbed right through the bottom and on into the kitchen.

Grancy, my mom, was here this week. She always enjoys seeing three of her four grandchildren. I could tell the babies have matured since she'd seen them in February, because they really seemed to enjoy their time with her as well.

This is a photo of Grancy and Nana with the babies: LEM.
Grancy with the babies. Lucia and Mazie are in her lap, Elliott on the floor.

We got some much needed rain this week which kept us indoors a couple days but today is beautiful and we plan to get back in the stroller again. We have lots of scraps to take to the chickens.

We hope you enjoy your Saturday.

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