Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lucia: Eight Months

Elizabeth Lucia at Eight Months:

She is such a joy to have in the family. She squeals with glee throughout the day, sometimes for what seems like an hour. It is the sound of such happiness. I am glad to know she is so content (most of the time). She is such a sweetheart. If I am playing a game or singing with Elliott or Mazie, she will turn and watch and smile and be just as excited for them as if I were playing with her. It is really so sweet. She is a cuddler too. She will curl up into you and make herself comfortable.
Lucia typically is a little behind the other two as far as reaching physical milestones. But, she is doing a great job sitting up. You can watch her stick her hand out to the side to balance herself. She doesn't classify as mobile like the other two, but she can scoot backwards and turn herself in a circle. She is getting onto all fours and doing the table rocking that babies do in preparation to crawl.

Lucia is my lounger. You will often see her--in the tub, on the boppy, in the swing--with her arms outstretched and her hands hanging off to the sides as if she were on a raft at the Ritz pool waiting on her Shirley Temple order. One thing she likes to do when lounging is dangle her toy or bottle over the side of whatever she is sitting in. Lately, and annoyingly, she finds it fun to drop the dangling item. She has broken two of our good (i.e. expensive) bottles over the past week.

Lucia is my best eater. She doesn't want to waste a morsel. This morning I barely had to wipe her face off after she finished eating her squash. The only issue we have with Lucia and eating is her social nature. If there is anything going on in the least, she will whip her head around, away from the bottle, to see what is going on.

While Lucia is often happy, she can throw down with a tantrum. She is a breath holder, God help us. If she is really upset she will turn bright red, not making a sound. Then, her lips will turn bluish for a few seconds before she will start screaming again. It is quite a sight. The first time it happens in public I know I will die a hundred deaths right there. I have heard of some babies and toddlers doing this; I pray she outgrows it quickly. Most of the time though, luckily, she is happy and content.

Happy Birthday, PrettyLu.

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