Monday, May 5, 2008

Family Meals

Sunday morning we had our first family meal. My parents and H's parents all did a good job of ensuring that the family came together for supper at night. We have talked a lot about this and how we want to protect this ever-evaporating family tradition. At the table, no television, good conversation, manners, good food, learning about one another's day: these are things we will strive for at family meal time.

This weekend H got out our high chairs and set them up at our kitchen table. Our Sunday morning breakfast went fine. Our only mishap was Lucia spilling the water from the little vase. Perhaps the zinnia touch was a bit much, but I happen to believe flowers are not a luxury, but almost as necessary as food. We are excited to start this new phase. We look forward to many enjoyable meals with our children.

For our first family meal the babies ate peas, rice, and squash. H and I had oatmeal, she with peanut butter and me with cherries and walnuts.

Mazie drinking a sip of diluted apple juice to keep her occupied since she doesn't eat as much as Elliott and Lucia.

Mama Bee eating her oatmeal and feeding Elliott.

Lu says, "Wow, that was dee-licious."

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Ginny Ford said...

I hate that I missed lunch with Casey. I completely forgot!! I'm sure it is hard for you to go places, but the next time you are in Mobile, let me know. I would love to see the babies and cath up with you.