Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Each month I take the babes' birthday photos with something significant in their lives. When they were two months old it was bibs from a couple whom I adore: Bob and Chris. When they were four months old it was their loveys that H and I bought for them before they were born. At seven months it was with their favorite stuffed animals. For this month I am taking their photos with quilts that were made for the babies by our close friend Whitney. We have been close to Whit for many years now. H became friends with Whit when they both worked at a restaurant at the beach during college. She has been a close friend ever since. Whitney came to our Atlanta shower bearing gifts, the most special being three quilts she sewed herself.

Here is me at the shower saying something like, "What? You made these yourself?" and H saying, "You? Made these? You did?"

Now here is me saying "Oh, my gosh. That is so sweet. I can't believe it. Sob sob." and H checking out the work and saying, "No, really. You? Made these? Really? You?"
It isn't that Whitney is not capable of such artistry and beauty; she just isn't our most domestic friend. Her version of a gourmet meal is making Bisquick pancakes (they are delicious). Her idea of tending to a garden is reading about a character in a Flannery O'Connor short story tend to their garden. She is a handy friend to have around. Sewing just isn't one of the ways you would envision Whit spending her time. Although I will say she is a house cleaner and has on more than one visit to our house said, "Good God. Can I clean out your refrigerator?" Her sub-domesticality is what makes the quilts all the more special.

All this to say--The babies' eight month photos are taken with the quilts their Whit made for them. Thanks Whit.

Here is a photo of Whit running from our goat Rosco P. Coltrain after she was taunting the poor guy. See what I mean? Can you see her sitting in front of a Singer for hours on end?


mom/grancy (grancie) said...


how special to have those quilts to use for their birthday!

there were several of us with tears in our eyes at the shower. whit did such a great job on the quilts and showed what a special and thoughtful friend she is.

i have always had a soft spot in my heart for whit, and she showed just one reason why with those quilts.

my love to all of you - and whit, too, mom/grancy

whit said...

first of all, i love grancie. she wrote to me while i was away, and i will never forget it.

second... sub/domesticated and my fling with roscoe...are no secrets safe with you people? next thing you know, h will tell her family why i used to visit the 4th floor of haley center every day at noon. oh wait, she already did!

i love you guys more than ever. and my babies are looking very cute.