Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Elliott: Eight Months

Elliott Kimbrough, Eight Months:
The picture above shows Elliott prostrate on the quilt. He was studying the fabric. He loves textures. I could not get him to sit up for all the tea in China. Elliott is our busy child. He is on the move and there is no deterring him. He travels all around. His favorite place to go is the bathroom. I guess he likes all the piles of laundry that are heaped up in the middle of the room. He also loves to play with the wheels on our new Baby Jogger. He loves to feed himself with his spoon. Just about every time I feed him a bite he wants to hold the spoon. He now has to be sleepy or upset to let you hold him and cuddle with him. If he is raring to go, he will be trying to climb over your shoulder or over the arm of the chair.

Elliott loves books. He loves to eat them. He loves to pull them off the shelf. He does love to be read to. He will more often than not pay attention to the story. He loves to look at the warning labels on the walker and the stroller. If it has letters or words he will study it.

This photo shows the only way I could snap a picture of Mr. Blanket-studier's face. I just strategically framed my hand out of the photo in the two pictures above (ok, I didn't, I just got lucky).
Happy Birthday, Little E.

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