Friday, May 2, 2008

Sick of Sick

My idea of torture is having to endure Mariah Carey sing the national anthem or sleep deprivation. With Mariah Carey, I can hit the mute button; lack of sleep is not so easy to control. H and I are entering into serious sleep deprivation mode. We have had a full week now with at least one baby not sleeping through the night, and, the last two nights, we have had a baby up a significant portion of the night. On top of all of this H is sick too. As you can see from the photo of Lucia after a significant sneezing session, the babes are very croupy and snotty.

The babies came down with runny noses the middle of last week. Now Elliott and Lucia are developing coughs. Lucia's cough is pretty bad so our pediatrician wanted to see her. So, yesterday she and I rode to the big city to be worked in. The doctor we saw said her chest sounded clear; she just has a virus. He gave us a prescription for some nasal drops to use when the babies are having trouble eating or sleeping. Hopefully we will be on the mend before too long. All five of us are tired.

Just kidding about the photo. That is Lucia after finishing her avocado a couple weeks back; although, the depiction is not far from what we are dealing with.

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Rap Report said...

Mariah Carey is amazing. How could you compare sleeplessness with that talent? Hope y'all are feeling better.