Thursday, May 22, 2008


We went swimming this afternoon for the first time--sort of. The weather has been warming up here lately. Things have begun to get sticky in the afternoon. So to cool things off, we went to Tiffany and Clay's for a dip in their pool and some kabobs off the grill. Their back yard is so pretty with lots of green and flowers. They have an arch that is covered in blooming jasmine right now and it will take your breath away it is so wonderfully fragrant.

Elliott really enjoyed the water. He got a little chilly, but he acted comfortable most of the time. I leaned him on to his back and held him as he floated around. As long as his ears didn't go below the water he liked it.

Lucia had a pretty good time. She did fine for a while. We think she got cold. She loved sitting in the big duck. She seemed to feel secure in it.

Mazie was not a fan. We tried touching her toes to the water and each time she'd start crying. We don't want her to hate or fear the water so we didn't push her. I think as the water temperature continues to rise she may have an easier time.

Thanks Tiff and Clayclay for letting the babies swim in your pool. We had a great time. The photo at the top is of Tiffany and Elliott.

H and Lucia

Lucia, Tiff, and Elliott

H and Elliott

Karen and Lucia

Mazie with wet toes

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