Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scenes from our week

Here are photos showing H reading to the babies. Lucia is sitting listening and Elliott comes to join in on the story.

Here is Mazie in search of something to teeth on. She has found the cool bar of the swing. I have no idea how the Boppy pillow got under the swing with Mazie; I suppose she brought it with her.

Here is Elliott. He loves to crawl under the bouncer when one of the girls is bouncing in it. The pack of diapers underneath is the platform we put under Mazie's feet when she is bouncing.

In Lucia's birthday post I wrote about how she likes to lounge. Here she is with her arms out to the side.

Elliott has not learned the preposition around. He only knows over and through. Here he is climbing through the bottom of the ExerSaucer. If the girls are in his path, he will climb over them on the way to his destination.

1 comment:

Loving Landon said...

landon says to E "Let your mamm's know the quickest way to any point is a straight line!"

Landon rarely goes around....

all the babies look great!