Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eight Months

This week the babes turn eight months. That means they are 2/3s of the way to being a year old. They are getting to be so much fun. They are ticklish. They laugh at the cats and dogs and each other. They are sitting up well. They are eating their mushy food great. Elliott and Mazie are completely mobile, though not crawling exactly. They all recognize their name. They are exploring their ever-expanding world.

Wow. Taking their photos this month was a bit more challenging. Especially the group shot. It was harder to keep them focused and still. Part of this may be that they were outside, but I think most of it was that they are now mobile.

Happy Birthday, Lucia, Elliott, and Mazie. We love you.

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mom/grancy (grancie) said...

hello to all,

first - i can't wait to see y'all sunday!!!

lucia looks so tall in the first pix.

in the second pix, elliott's eyes are "full of the devil" and saying, "mama k will never get another still shot of all 3 of us again . . . i'll make sure of that!!!"

mazie looks like she thinks elliott's plan is a good one to join.

it's hard to realize that they are 8 months and avery 10 months!! they are growing up so fast

love to each of you, mom/gracie